Friday, April 13, 2012

thank you, thank you, thank you..

thank you for coming
I know all of you love and always miss me kann.. hee
me is missing all of you too
ayah umi sayang saya sampai angah jelous.. =p

i'm waiting for my upcoming birthday presents from y'all okay

I'm sorry,
for not being a good daughter,
for not being a good sister,
for being 'anak nakal' to umi and ayah
for always menyusahkan umi and ayah (hehs, sory paksa umi ayah fikir masalah kakak)
for always being serious with angah, kak cik and ain
for not spending much time to help adik hafaz quran
for all the things I did wrongly 

above all,
(i'm the only one yang paling jarang duk rumah kan- random thought)

for once,
I asked Allah,
why He didn't let me to grow up in tarbiyyah-ed family
such an ungrateful hamba kan..
But, HE shows me the answer..
because He wants me to start knowing Him together with my parents
(umi, nanti kakak cari handsock yang umi nak eh)
(ayah, nanti kakak balik kite same-same ajak angah, kakcik, ain, adik kenal Allah ye)

O Allah,
please let us to gather again in your jannah
we love you, Allah...

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