Saturday, November 27, 2010

salam perjuangan..

after 5 months dissolving in the hectic life of IB, i hardly found a good time to update my messy, gloomy, bloody blog..

first of all (ala-ala tls essay english SPM), alhamdulillah.. kerana msh d beri kesemptn utk bernafas, betapa hina dan kotornya Aku disisi-Mu Ya Allah... He is The Most Glorious Creator, The Only One to be turned in any crucial, hard times.. HOWEVER, we always forgot, He is always besides us, not only in difficulties, but also to be emphasized, on every second of our life.. Subhanallah.. so, Hidayah and y'all, lets remember Allah in each second of our air-gasping-time... =)))

to be obvious, I know I'm writing right now, not because of desire-based, but I absolutely believes, Allah touchs my heart to write.. Masya-Allah.. Thank You ALLAH..

okey, directly i just wanna announce that, KMB-IANS' sem 1 final exam are going to be started on next tuesday..( wow!!! are you ready Hidayah???) so, i hereby bessechingly apologizing y'all for all of my mistakes (willingly done or not) and furiously begging ur do'a to help me in my exams... thanking y'all in advance.. =)


i want to share a verse from our loveletter (Quran).

"Yang demikian itu kerana Allah tidak akan mengubah suatu nikmat yang telah diberikan-Nya kepada sesuatu kaum, hingga kaum itu mengubah apa yang ada pada mereka sendiri. Sungguh, Allah Maha Mendengar, Maha Mengetahui" (Al-anfal:53)

last words to convey, KITA HEBAT KERANA ISLAM..

(no pixc is provided due to less of time are taken to finish this post.. sorry readers! =p )