Thursday, March 30, 2017

thing to be grateful for

I have been blessed with good health since last winter break

I might not be able to reach the baseline of my health condition
but I'm fine, doing very well, able to smile
even though there were some spikes here and there
but they were minors hehe

however, my blood doesn't seems to agree with me
they went haywire for these past 2 months
my liver enzymes go up as if I drink alcohol!

after changing of medication here and there,
they still don't want to go down

but I am so grateful to have a good doctor here

I remembered her calling me when I was in Portugal
to make sure I am fine since my blood doesn't looks good
She kept bugging me with her text to make sure I understand all management plan
and I feel so thankful to have such a committed doctor taking care of me
who willingly came to hospital on her off-day to see me
the most patient doctor trying to reach me (since I always silent my phone)

and so much more
weh balik Malaysia nanti mesti takde dah doktor baik macam ni

k ada je lah masa-masa yang geram
since She's not a native english speaker
sometimes she explained things dramatically, way tooo dramaticc

There is one time when she want to push me to find my future doctor in Malaysia
"You really have to find it now!"
"Okay I will" (dengan muka bersahaja yg mungkin tak convince kan dia)
"If you get flares up again you can die! So I want you to have a doctor as soon as you reach Malaysia!"

terus muka aku pun terpana
dan mengangguk dengan penuh convincing


walaupun dalam hati, "takdelah sampai mati kot"

She always think that I am worried about myself
when I am actually not.. at all

so actually she worried about me, more

"I will keep your number. Anything happen, call me straight away, even on weekend. I am not oncall but I am in Cork. Call me okay, call me"

"why do you use private number? I need to recognize your number when you call me"

pun boleh.

aku selalu amused dengan kerisauan dia.

walaupun masa mula-mula transferred to her (sebab my consultant maternal leave)
I was like.. "nak previous consultant!!"


She is god-sent
might not be someone close to me
but she basically knows everything about me though hehe

alhamdulillah for every single thing

finals in 2 weeks time
may Allah eases
moga lepas insyaAllah :)