Thursday, February 26, 2009

TOV 2009!!

rsult kuar mnggu dpn tp aq da taw rsult aq (jdik spy jap n g slidik kt mje cg.).. hehe.. aq pnye rsult blh la d kte kn bse2 je or known as ckp mkn je.. da baddest, of coz fizik la.. sbjek laen bley A blake xcept fizik (killer subject only foe me)... Argh!!!! I wanna be da best student... befoe i frget, fortunately, i got 2A foe EST.. ni bl d ktekn 1 ari dlm sjrh la.. hope i can do better in coming xm.. da increasing in my result just foe my umi foe her 43th birthday.. HAPPY BELATED BDAY, UMI!! Nt mid year xm, i'll do better n try to be da best bcoz it acts as bday present foe my ayah.. hehe.. Doakn sy dpt straight 1A's foe all coming xm (sooner or later)... thanks

Friday, February 13, 2009

sport day!!

hik3.. after 2 years mnyepi, sport day dtg lg ke dlm hdp ku.. hak3.. diku umah Alpha(oren), pmgg takhta krajaan coz slalu dpt tmpt first..

first day
uh.. pe kehel la skul aq neh.. da la esk xm, cmne nk cver stdy klo ptg2 kne p pdg.. ari ni mjls pmbukaan kej. olahraga, sport house's parade n ad la bberpa acra yg aq pn da x ingt.. hehe
-mascott lambda-

...alpha house...

second day..
em.. nothing to be told coz aq n da geng g lpak kt kntin smbl mkn ais krem mse org suk brtndg.. ha3.. i didn't like sport n never.. mkne nye aq x msk pape acra la..

one of alpha's athlete

third day...
aduii.. hlg suare coz bg smngt kt alpha's athletes.. alhamdulillah, Alpha is da house of champion..

ari khamis plak ad xm, lth nye.. dh la bru hbs ari skn...
2 bkn xm ari kms, ari slase 2.. jauh bngat kdudukn within each stdent, mmg x bley nk mnru.. haha

Thursday, February 12, 2009

me & I

APRIL : active and dynamic . decisive and hasty but tends to regret . attractive and affectionate to oneself . strong mentality . loves attention . diplomatic . consoling , friendly and solves people's problems . brave and fearless . adventurous . loving and caring . suave and generous . emotional . aggressive . hasty . good memory . moving . motivates oneself and others . sickness usually of the head and chest . sexy in a way that only their lover can see .