Saturday, July 17, 2010

struggling.. changing.. impetus..

Salam alaik everyone... it’s a long silent in waiting for this new post.. actually, i’m a lil bit bz as IB famously known as Internationally Busy.. ha3, sounds weird, but it’s the reality.. however, everything happens for reason, right.. althought hectic life as an IB student overhelmed me for this 3 first weeks, I’d learnt a lot of beneficial thingy, and all of them fascinated me enough.. =)

What i love about MCB? Ya, MCB is neither a luxurious place as KY nor a fully-fascilitated-school.. however, it never faded any students’ spirit.. it gave us strength, not only in achieving our score in academic aspect, but it taught us about LIFE too.. i learned to behave better-having good attitude, trying to go beyond the norm, learned to be a leader, maybe a surviver in searching for a life chance too.. and the most vivid thing, it taught me about ISLAM.. <3<3<3 style=""> [btw, BTN programme built up new realization bout succeed of islamic history in myself]

I admit, sometimes i felt so down, but i knew Allah is always by my side.. Allah loves all His slave, He remembers us all the time.. but, unfortunately, we rarely find Him to express our dissatisfaction.. O Allah, forgave all of your slave as we’d been far away from u, unsincerely advocate You, Allah The Almighty..

Verse from love letter, Al-Quran:

“Wahai jiwa yang tenang! Kembalilah kepada tuhanmu dengan hati yang Redha dan diredhai-Nya. Maka masuklah kamu dalam golongan hamba-hamba-Ku, dan masuklah kamu ke dalam syurga-Ku”


Allah loves us, including me, and that’s why He wanted me to be here.. so that I’ll become an al-jannah dreamer, who curious to get Allah’s love, insyaAllah.. (raring to go and search for the way to al-jannah)

Exhilarated to be here, ecstatic to learn many, new and incredible things, enthralled to gain new knowledge, captivating to change myself, juiced to score my goal, exuding love to Allah.. i was totallt blessed! =) [ballistically alter my life]

Oh, got to go, i didn’t finish all these sumptuous homeworks yet.. ha3.. till the next post, moving at warp speed al the time, insyaAllah.. may our faith becomes stronger, thus avoiding us from going astray from ad-deen.. InsyaAllah... salam alaik antum wa antumna... ;))