Tuesday, October 28, 2014


it's good to just being alone
for some period of time

I want to start a new journey
but I afraid to tell others
for they will reject it
and I will fall apart

I am tired being there
to do what they want me to do
not to do what I want to do
That broke me down

I ain't living like this forever
I want to own my life
But I don't have the stregth
to pull my life from their hand

and here I am
wishing to have my life back
please please and please
give my life back to me

Nobody read this
I have to tell them
Accepting any rejection, sinisme
not to forget somesarcasm

I know but I'm not strong enough

I loath living there
fake smile
fake conversation
But at least now I know

I want to start a new fresh journey
Can everybody accept it?
without mocking at me
without making any story behind me

I will be happy then
Thank you