Tuesday, October 28, 2014


it's good to just being alone
for some period of time

I want to start a new journey
but I afraid to tell others
for they will reject it
and I will fall apart

I am tired being there
to do what they want me to do
not to do what I want to do
That broke me down

I ain't living like this forever
I want to own my life
But I don't have the stregth
to pull my life from their hand

and here I am
wishing to have my life back
please please and please
give my life back to me

Nobody read this
I have to tell them
Accepting any rejection, sinisme
not to forget somesarcasm

I know but I'm not strong enough

I loath living there
fake smile
fake conversation
But at least now I know

I want to start a new fresh journey
Can everybody accept it?
without mocking at me
without making any story behind me

I will be happy then
Thank you


Anonymous said...

If you think that it's what's best for you and your iman, then I think you should. You sound frustrated and sometimes breaking from the routine gives more clarity to help you realize what's really important.
Just a third party observer.

Anonymous said...

dayah. :)

sometimes, I do feel like this.

hanging around..
bombarding my mind with lots of questions..
wondering here and there..
why this?..
why that?..

until I realise, I'm the one who actually think too much. I'm paranoid with people's expectation. and it doest bring me anywhere. huhu.

maybe.. in reality, they do talked a lot. :3
but maybe not! hihi

please, do whatever you feel right. people always talk. hehs.

but only He know what's the best. just do it, and ask for guidance.

nobody are perfect.

but sometimes, people who talk a lot about us, could be our major source of strength without us realising it. :)

every person He put in our life, will have their own role in shaping our life.

believe me. :)

Your sister,
AN <3

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I do wish I could just be with you
Supporting you every step of the way

But I know, the best supporter for you is yourself.

You know what's best
Because you know yourself better.

Silence would never come
But fear would always be there

Trust Allah, and He'll make everything easy for you
Trust Him, and only Him
Trust Him, more than you trust yourself

And believe,
That you have us, reading this
And supporting you every now and then