Tuesday, February 21, 2012

unstable state

the time comes when i need to write 
it's the time
after telling Allah everything what I feel
i feel find something to write on it
for this time, i write in my blog.. (seems like kena private kan blog ni)

dalam hidup ni, kita selalu nak lari dengan laju.. bila kita dah nampak ke arah mana kita berlari, larian kita akan semakin laju.. saya pun macam tu.. erk, bukan lah saya berlari sepanjang masa.. kadang-kadang saya berlari, berjalan, merangkak.. in any means, saya tetap melangkah.. sebab saya tahu, saya nak Allah dan saya mesti berlari.. Allah, saya rindu Allah.. sobs ;(

tapi, dalam hidup ni, takde orang yang boleh bagi kepastian yang kita akan sentiasa melangkah.. satu hari, satu masa, satu saat, kita pasti akan berhenti seketika.. bukan sengaja berhenti.. tapi, kita berhenti kerana sesuatu yang menghalang kita untuk terus melangkah.. itulah saya for this moment.

saya tahu saya mesti buang semua benda yang menghalang saya daripada terus melangkah.. tapi, saya tak tahu apa yang menghalang saya (mixed feelings), dan saya tak tahu apa yang perlu dibuang untuk saya terus melangkah, melaju.. saya rasa saya teruk towards everyone.. sobs ;(

bila saya jatuh, saya mesti rindu sangat-sangat dekat umi ayah.. yang jauh di tanah suci
bila saya jatuh, saya mesti rindu sangat-sangat dekat orang Kak Y.. yang jauh di bumi maududi
bila saya jatuh, saya mesti rindu sangat-sangat dekat cik F.. yang jauh di bumi kanggaru
bila saya jatuh, saya mesti rindu sangat-sangat dekat cik N.. yang jauh di bumi anbiya'

setiap kali saya jatuh,
Allah mesti hantar mereka untuk motivate saya..

Allah, Thank You.
Can u help me to find my way back, Allah?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Malaysia will miss you; me too

it's 10.30 p.m
i know, u must be walking towards ur flight right now..
yes, u're leaving Malaysia, for good..
bumi kanggaru is waiting for you..
Allah arranged for us not to meet for the last time, before u're flying..
He don't want me to cry in front of u,
for it's hard to say 'good bye' to u my dear friend..

thanks for every moment u spent for me
thanks for lending ur ears everytime i got probs in KMB..
distance between KMB-INTEC didn't limit us from contacting each other...
How can I forget the person that He always sent to be my listener..
Haha, sometimes it's so funny to 'curahat' with u, which stay far from me..
But, it's real
it's the power of friendship..
actually, it's the power of ukhwah fillah that we started to built together..

yesterday, i called u..
there's nothing much for me to say, same goes to u..
it's not because i feel nothing during ur leaving..
but, i feel so sad..
sebak tahu masa cakap dengan awak (tapisegannaknangis)

Hey, just move on in a new place okay..
aero-8 will always miss u..
(sape nak pusing satu besut dengan saya lepas ni, sobs)
He sends u there for some purpose..
just keep in track, in the path of DnT

Australia is far,
you will always in our heart, in ur friends' heart
may we meet again,



p/s: when u read this, u must be in adelaide already, so, dont cry reading this post i made specially for u okey.. :D me will always support u..

if not in this world, may Allah let us meet in His jannah..

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rabbani itu adalah kita hidup mengikut apa yang Allah mahu, bukan hidup dengan apa yang kita mahu.- Dr. Badi

so, kalau Allah taknak aku ke Ireland, aku happy je, because Allah knows best..

notes: Allah mcm nak hntr sy ke India je, prepare for the worst, pray best.. :D

Monday, February 6, 2012

for you..

PREMISE 1: Anyone thinking of others more than him is great.
PREMISE 2: Rasulullah S.A.W and sahabah always think of others more than themselves.
CONCLUSION: Rasulullah and Sahabah are GREAT!

Have Rasulullah S.A.W ever gave us iPhone?
No, he never ever gives us such trendy gadgets. Have you forgotten he had given us more than iPhone, iPod or MacBook PRO when Allah chose Him to be His messenger? As Allah gave Him few verses of Quran:
“O the Cloaked One! (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him). Rise up and warn! And proclaim the Purity of your Lord. And keep your clothes clean. And stay away from idols. And do not favour others in order to receive more. And for the sake of your Lord, patiently endure.”
He spread the Islam without getting any profit, he knocked every door in Mecca just to tell about Islam and Allah, he suffered much for promoting Islam, and he never stop his effort just to attract people into Islam. Instead of giving us costly gadgets, he gave us loads of chances to know Islam, and to get closer to Allah. If you do feel Allah and Islam are more important than those listed gadgets, you should be grateful. Or else, dare to show Him your face on the Judgement Day, can you?

Are sahabah our B.F.F?
Hello teens, I will be shocked if you don’t know the abbreviation of B.F.F. Yes, it means Best Friend Forever. The Sahabah and we are not living in the same era. The Sahabah and we may not have the same living environment. BUT, The sahabah and we are SYABAB[1] of Islam. We have the same responsibility as them. Have you ever known Mus’ab Bin Umair? He sacrificed his glamorous life after fully submission into Islam. Have you ever known Abu Dzar Al-Ghifari? He was a pirate before knowing Islam, but Islam had shifted him to be one of those promoting Islam. Have you ever known Abu Ubaidah Al-jarrah? He was the one who can be everywhere, for he will always resembles the beauty of Islam.

We are muslim, who proudly wrote Islam as our religion in any forms we filled. But, have we resembles Islam as they did? Allah knows... 

[1] Syabab means youngsters

Friday, February 3, 2012

y'know what?
nak berjaulah!! :D
semoga diketemukan dengan tarbiyyah Allah..
looking forward to meet akhawat JB..
kerana Allah kita bertemu, insyaAllah :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


assalamualaikum hati,
sihatkah kamu?
siapakah gerangan yang menghidupkan hari-harimu?
Moga Allah jawapannya..

sedar atau tak, Allah bagi kita chances to get closer to Him..
everyday, every hour, every minute, every second..
tapi, kita sedar tak semua tu?
kita grab tak chances given by Him?
take it or leave it,
Dia tak rugi pape pun,
KITA yang rugi..

through out this week,
banyak sangat Allah bagi chances kat kite kan hati.

Dia bagi kite free weekend,
dan akhirnya weekend tu terisi dengan pelbagai aktiviti tarbawiy
He gave me chance to be with my adikss
He gave me chance to strengthen the ukhwah with the others yang join tarbiyyah
He gave me chance to sleepover dgn classmates (muslimah)
He gave me all those things for something,
He gave me all those things for me to prove myself as His slave..
For I know Him,
I know He gave me chances to fulfill my KI (tujuan hidup= khalifah n ahli ibadah)

and the chances He gave never stop!

and y'know what,
He gave me chance to meet someone that I always want to!
He sent me to Banquet Hall, UPM
He let me listen to the talk on 'Membina Generasi Rabbani'
He arrranged me to listen to Dr. Jum'ah Amin, which is 'Naib Mursyid Am Ikhwanul Muslimin'
(it's worth and i'll never be regret for return back to college at 1 a.m)
Allah letakkan diri ini untuk rasa yang diri ini mesti jadi generasi Rabbani.. (titik tolak mungkin)

Yes, He never let us alone,
For right now,
He gave me another resposibility
He sent me my murobbi to give such great words + DUSH!,
             "saudari berada di posisi S. Muhammad Al-fateh. Apa yang saudari lakukan sebagai persiapan 
              tentera saudari?

Aku tak sehebat Al-fateh,
kisah perjuanganku juga tak seunggul kisah perjuangan para sahabat,
Aku cuma tahu yang,
Allah bagi aku peluang,
untuk jadi seperti mereka
untuk menyambung perjuangan mereka
untuk tegakkan al-Haq di bumi ini..

say 'alhamdulillah' for He never let us alone, and for He always give us chances to get closer to Him :)