Monday, February 13, 2012

Malaysia will miss you; me too

it's 10.30 p.m
i know, u must be walking towards ur flight right now..
yes, u're leaving Malaysia, for good..
bumi kanggaru is waiting for you..
Allah arranged for us not to meet for the last time, before u're flying..
He don't want me to cry in front of u,
for it's hard to say 'good bye' to u my dear friend..

thanks for every moment u spent for me
thanks for lending ur ears everytime i got probs in KMB..
distance between KMB-INTEC didn't limit us from contacting each other...
How can I forget the person that He always sent to be my listener..
Haha, sometimes it's so funny to 'curahat' with u, which stay far from me..
But, it's real
it's the power of friendship..
actually, it's the power of ukhwah fillah that we started to built together..

yesterday, i called u..
there's nothing much for me to say, same goes to u..
it's not because i feel nothing during ur leaving..
but, i feel so sad..
sebak tahu masa cakap dengan awak (tapisegannaknangis)

Hey, just move on in a new place okay..
aero-8 will always miss u..
(sape nak pusing satu besut dengan saya lepas ni, sobs)
He sends u there for some purpose..
just keep in track, in the path of DnT

Australia is far,
you will always in our heart, in ur friends' heart
may we meet again,



p/s: when u read this, u must be in adelaide already, so, dont cry reading this post i made specially for u okey.. :D me will always support u..

if not in this world, may Allah let us meet in His jannah..


Anonymous said...

dayahZ, akak yg banjir T_T

kid @ istisyhad said...

dayah, akak g klia semalam...sempat laaa jumpe akhwat intec...jap sape yg nti maksudkan nih?

hamba said...

kwn sy since skolah menengah.. kteorg kenal tarbiyyah same2 :)

hamba said...

kak fara ke yg banjir ni? hee :p