Monday, February 6, 2012

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PREMISE 1: Anyone thinking of others more than him is great.
PREMISE 2: Rasulullah S.A.W and sahabah always think of others more than themselves.
CONCLUSION: Rasulullah and Sahabah are GREAT!

Have Rasulullah S.A.W ever gave us iPhone?
No, he never ever gives us such trendy gadgets. Have you forgotten he had given us more than iPhone, iPod or MacBook PRO when Allah chose Him to be His messenger? As Allah gave Him few verses of Quran:
“O the Cloaked One! (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him). Rise up and warn! And proclaim the Purity of your Lord. And keep your clothes clean. And stay away from idols. And do not favour others in order to receive more. And for the sake of your Lord, patiently endure.”
He spread the Islam without getting any profit, he knocked every door in Mecca just to tell about Islam and Allah, he suffered much for promoting Islam, and he never stop his effort just to attract people into Islam. Instead of giving us costly gadgets, he gave us loads of chances to know Islam, and to get closer to Allah. If you do feel Allah and Islam are more important than those listed gadgets, you should be grateful. Or else, dare to show Him your face on the Judgement Day, can you?

Are sahabah our B.F.F?
Hello teens, I will be shocked if you don’t know the abbreviation of B.F.F. Yes, it means Best Friend Forever. The Sahabah and we are not living in the same era. The Sahabah and we may not have the same living environment. BUT, The sahabah and we are SYABAB[1] of Islam. We have the same responsibility as them. Have you ever known Mus’ab Bin Umair? He sacrificed his glamorous life after fully submission into Islam. Have you ever known Abu Dzar Al-Ghifari? He was a pirate before knowing Islam, but Islam had shifted him to be one of those promoting Islam. Have you ever known Abu Ubaidah Al-jarrah? He was the one who can be everywhere, for he will always resembles the beauty of Islam.

We are muslim, who proudly wrote Islam as our religion in any forms we filled. But, have we resembles Islam as they did? Allah knows... 

[1] Syabab means youngsters

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