Tuesday, November 18, 2014


"what makes you smile?"

"which part?"
"KMB part"

dalam hati rindu
mata bergenang

"can't move on eh?"
"rindu means not moving on eh?"

bila soalan dijawab dengan soalan,

"not really.. but u seems trapped in there, the memory"

senyum lagi, tiada tindak balas

"get yourself out of it, build a new one, with new people"
"hey I'm trying"
"yaa I know, just need harder try I guess"

monolog dalaman,
"bukan senang"

tunduk pandang tanah
"maybe the memories are all too precious to not live with it"

and, I afraid of losing them
inspirations perhaps
to keep doing what I need to do

"but yaa I will try, harder"

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