Monday, April 3, 2017


Gaahhh I just feel like writing right now

This afternoon somebody decided to re-open old discussion group, randomly
which made me realized how much I miss them

They are far from me, as we obviously separated by distance
we rarely text or talk to each other
but when we do, it is always about important things in life haha

life, decision
the thing that bring us close


takkan lupa kot

"betul ke kita nak buat ni?"

"betul. jom buka peta UK"

"jom search kat fb"

but life is never easy right?
life hit us hard, straight on our face

"maybe Allah wants us to learn the hard way"

but whenever I started to give up
I always tell myself, 'Allah is teaching me the hard way. Hold on. Hold on'

I remembered one of NAK talk,
"we are on our journey to reach Allah's blessing (redha). We are not perfect, that's why Allah said it is a journey. Nobody will reach the perfection as His servant. and He only asks us to die on this path/journey"

So this is definitely a very long journey
we may part away, as we decided the thing we want in life

"Awak jangan lupa saya. Balik Malaysia nanti bagitahu kalau ada projek"

I couldn't promise about whatever project you are talking about. But I promise to not forget you (That's one of the reason I am writing right now)

whatever happen, wherever you are
the three of you, are too dear to my heart

"Akak, sekarang tinggal kita dua je. sedih"

"Tak, mana ada. They are still with us. Separated by distance, tapi ruh masih bersatu,dalam doa"

Dalam doa, mereka masih ada bersama aku

"Akak, sekarang saya nak tinggal akak sorang je ni haha"

"Takpe doa kan ada"

tapi, sekarang, kadang-kadang
rasa jelah sorang-sorang haha

Unfortunately all four of us are not expressive :p

Jumpa kat syurga, sis!

Fateh. Galway. Leicester. Surrey. Essex. London. Sabah
Costa Stansted Airport. Costa Cork
Cafe dalam Eason, Dublin

semoga mereka menjadi saksi
gundah gelana hati dan fikiran
yang banyak bercelaru daripada tenang

#8daystofinal #KakAnacomingsoon #mayAllaheases

Untuk mereka yang aku bertemu di atas jalan dakwah ini
moga kita terus sabar dan thabat di perbatasan masing-masing

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