Monday, January 23, 2017

nothingness bring nothing

Currently I am in Tutorial Block

Basically I have got only tutorials. And Monday is off-day for us.

So today I decided to come to the city, have a cup of coffee while finishing my FYP write-up.

Actually it's just because everything going slow for me. I mean, I did nothing over the weekend. Quiet unhappy with myself right now. So I took the bus to town and now at least, I managed to add hundreds of words in my write up. :p

It feels good to sit in the cafe and overlook the city, the people.

I shall do this more often (tapi most of the time too lazy to go out)

I am going to leave in 4 months time, insyaAllah
I really hope that I could graduate on time

I think it's the time for me to go home
even though I am too afraid to go home
frightened by the busy waqi' and very qawiyy akhawat hehe

therefore, I really need to catch up on many things

need to study hard
need to graduate on time
need to leave some marks before bfg
need to answer why I am committing myself to DnT
need to revise all bahan usrah and daurah

so basically I have loads on my plate

but instead, I become one lazy human
and do nothing
but keep checking on cheap ticket for summer break!

Seriously I need to wake myself up so I realized I have no time!

So this morning I have a cup of coffee,
which is very unusual for me (I only drink tea!)

Then I get palpitations
and my brain work very fast


Up to this second, I managed to do write up some more

and wasting time writing here some more


Just had a sip pf coffee
have 1/10 in the mug to be finished

will surely miss the smell of coffee soon
coffee so mahal in Malaysia why lah

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