Thursday, June 9, 2016

4 Ramadhan

harini dah start coping well with fasting

so today I join the ward round with Prof MC
we went to meet few myeloma patients
they basically have few months to live

so she discuss with us about 'balance'

as an example
for extremely anaemic patients
we need to prescribe blood transfusion, regularly
it can cause iron overload

theoretically we can give Iron chelating therapy

but for patients with less hope to continue the battle
we tend to not give any therapy
because each therapy comes with side effects

she said,

"this is terminal illness.. well actually this life is something terminal too"

life is something terminal too

like the terminal illnesses
just few more moments to end

and we always hope for our life to end peacefully

I realized how everyon wants to end this life peacefully
that's the main reason of the presence of palliative care medicine

tapi eventually sape yg dapat keredhaan Allah je yg akan RIP.

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