Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I have mixed feeling for now
my friend said if I am to make weather forecast based on my feeling
everyday it will be like the Irish weather


Thank you buddy!

I have just finished my final exam, if I pass this exam so I will finally be a final year medical student
sound wonderful, don't you think so?
Unfortunately it can't be confirmed by today

I am thinking of starting a new life
but am kind of in doubt
because i afraid of leaving the people that I a comfortable with
and I don't want to hurt them

so maybe I will wait a lil bit
at least to have stronger will

i will be spending my summer in Cork for a month
will be celebrating ramadhan here as well
I couldn't be more than happy welcoming ramadhan soon!
Hope to survive 19 hours of fasting well
without any scar and pain hehe

so i just feel like writing
but i dont really know what to write

counting down to home

hopefully a month will fly by as quickly as possible

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