Sunday, May 23, 2010

destinasiku.. KOLEJ MARA BANTING..

the only word to say after getting to know that I was offered to done International Baccalaureate (IB)...

sincerely, I'm not at the top of the world athough MARA offered me to pursue my study in Kolej Mara Banting (KMB) because I'm toooooo afraid to face all the obstacles there n tooooo confused either choosing MARA or UIA..


after all, listening to many opinions and advices from my parents, cousins n parents' friend.. i made a decision, stick to it.. go to KMB!!!

now... the same thing keep paying in my mind... how's KMB? I've no friends there YET.. wat preparation shud b done b4 da reg? OMG.. (if there's any readers r there, o had been there, PLISSS tell me bout KMB.. everything!!)

p/s~ tlg doakan kejayaan sy d sne..


amira illyani 샤이니 said...

i'm by ur side... huhu..
i noe u can do it dear...

teruskan perjuangan..
awk akan bertemu dgn org yg baik utk jd kwn awk kat sana.. ^^ insyaAllah..

big girl.. be good.. ^^

misskaynezz said...

good luck

khadijah said...

best of luck..
IB is not that bad though..
it will bring you closer to Allah some how..
anyway,congrats for accepting the challenge to do'll never regret,insya allah..
jumpe nanti..=)

Dr. Yumi said...

wsalam akak senior..
tanx.. =)
c u there..
sy bdak bru bljr, klu slh akak tnjuk kn eh..

Miss Nurul said...

Alamak.. sama la kita.. dari UIA ke KMB... nama pun dayah kah? aduhai.. sama lagi..

Dr. Yumi said...

huhu.. yup2.. c u there..

btw, dh register kmb online? no akaun mara 2 nk ambik kt ane eh?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Mara College Banting,
Hope you will enjoy studying here.

All the best for your future! :D

Eyl said...

gane skrg? ok xblajar?

C.D.A said...

Lol.nk tido x jd duk scroll blog ni. Keputusan yg ssh tapi tepat kan? Mesti bersyukur sbb hati tergerak plh nk g situ. Dgn tarbiah yg dpt kt situ. doakn sy pun jmpe bnda yg sma kt sini. U change a lot.Seriusly. :)

Dr. Yumi said...

CDA!! hahah, stalk eh? insyaAllah semoga jumpe peluang tarbiyyah tu :) change a lot or less is not a big matter, we just need to change to be a better better person, always :) am still crawling to know who i am..

C.D.A said...

so true. x r stalk sgt. tibe2 rse nk melawat. ngehehe. all the best kat sane. :)