Thursday, April 15, 2010

MARA interview.. oo.. la.. la...

date: 15 april 2010
time: 2 p.m
venue: pejbat MARA KT

arrived there an hour b4 da interview.. kinda nervous, huhu... nearly to 2 p.m, went to the reception place, met illya, ana n put3.. fortunately met them, shoo all my nervous.. haha.. but, still 'ketaq' a little bit la.. after a receptionist check all documents needed, ana, put3, illya n I was given 3rd panel to be interviewed.. oo.. la.. la.. then, we, together with 4 mjsc's students (they got 2nd panel) were brought to the 2nd floor.. had to wait at the outside of the interview room.. a sis, waiting there, gave no. of turn to us.. mine was 3rd, after ana n put3, n mine followed by illya..

ok, direct to interview session..

i walked behind the sis which waited us the outside oh the room.. before entering the room, the sis asked me to make up my 'tudung'.. hak3, maybe it looked untidy as my 'tudung dop jadi'.. hak3.. akak, malu saya dibuatnye...

the sis knocked the door, n i walked toward the interviewers, gave salam to them.. a young lady i guess, with a dedicated man, my interviewers.. KETAQ!!! i took my sit after he gave a chance to sit, huhu.. then, before i could sit cerefuly, the D-day started,, gulp!!

Q asked:
1). u stay in Besut, ryte? tell me what is interesting in Besut.. again, o.. la.. la.. wat i'm going to tell as Besut has no theme park as in KL or somewhere.. so, I just shooted the answer confidently.. ahaha..

2). where u wanna pursue ur study?
3). wanna make specialise in wat? op koz neurology.. i told no of neurologist in the worl since 1980 ( juz 'hentam' the year) he asked me where i got the statistic.. oo.. la.. la.. i read la.. but i dun gave such rude ans.. hoho..

4). my idol?? erk.. never heard that MARA asked this Q for the years before..
5). my siblings.. i'm the eldest? only 1 heroe? ahaha..

no more Q, err.. ekcelli i forgot some more Q olready.. hihi..

then i asked some Q.. about pursuing my study for Master..
they also told me bout paying back for the 'pinjaman boleh ibah'

i thought, there r no more Q.. but the man interviewer still asked me a Q

6). do u hve any problem bout the paying back? n the lady interviewer asked me to give my own opinion bout the 'paying back' to MARA..

then, chat with them about 'paying back'.. relation with my rsult in U.. whatsoever.. i couln't remembered other topics i chat with them..

after, 15 mins or more or less??? i dunno the actual duration.. hoho.. (illya, engt x lme mne sy duk lam the D-day room?)... & it finished.. juz ok.. neither bad nor awesome!! haha

then, habis la..

semoge dpt la ape yg aq apply 2.. (medic in Ireland)

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