Saturday, December 3, 2016

3 dec

It has been 2 months since I wrote my last post
a lot og things happened in the past 2 months
all of them deserves a place in this blog
it's just me not having enough time (sbb aku banyak mengarut sampai habis masa)

Cork has lost its 'homie' feeling
I miss the old one

k mengarut

I remembered sembang-sembang with Kak S last weekend
she asked my opinion,
"why people leave?"

and I said
because the enjoyment of doing it 'hilang'

she nodded


actually it was based on my own experience

I wrote somewhere last year
I almost leave (haha dah bagitahu murabbi pun)

because I did not find it enjoyful
because I have to sacrifice a lot
especially my own feeling

but my murabbi reminds me about Nabi Nuh
tak best okay bila you preach but people sampai sembunyi sebab taknak dengar
that what happened to Nabi Nuh
but He never stopped!

because he did it atas dasar ketaatan
bukan sebab enjoy buat

muhasabah balik few years in tarbiyah
mungki tak secara indirect buat sebab orang
but I do enjoy ada akhawat yang baik sekeliling
ada kawan, ada teman, at least tak rasa sensorang
(walaupun kadang-kadang gaduh)


when I have the strength to do what I think I supposed to do
I did it

mula-mula tak rasa sakit
tapi sakit tu datang bila you want to go back to the routine

but you just not belong there


fly away


I don't know if the future-me would understand this

but hey future-me!
you have been trough a lot to reach today

appreciate the chances you get


ps: kalau futur memang lah rasa sensorang sebab iman tak bersatu dengan alam :(

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