Sunday, October 9, 2016

mesyy life

I haven't get the chance to write about Jaulah Balkan yet

having time constraint to juggle everything
and sometimes (most of the time!) laziness hit me hard
somehow I need to work smart now

I just talked with umi this afternoon
she was calculating how much left before I come home

and I am quiete shocked
because actually I will be having exam in about 6 months
if I pass then i will become a doctor

hell yeah
not a safe on eright now though

I hope to be more competent in  no time
but thats not how life works
in this world, we have to make effort to achieve our goal

so there is no such thing as 'in no time'

I had my surgery last 2 weeks
I was confident enough actually
but when the examiner came
I get panick attack
and everything goes down the hill!

but after all,
I passes the long case

just that
I didn't achieve  y target
I hope for a first class
but just got pass instead

maybe because I depend on my effort
not on Allah

who knows

must work hard on my relationship with Allah too

till then,
chaiyo myself!

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