Saturday, March 26, 2016

I easily stress myself out recently

just by words, some actions and random photos

I keep running away from everything
get myself busy with medicine

find a reason to smile through patient's words

life is tough
emotionally, emotionally, emotionally,
mentally and physically

since I was kid
ayah taught me to have a dream

and I did

I have many dreams hehe

but I always forget the continuation of ayah's advice;

"but remember, when u hike to the top, maybe just another few steps to reach your dream, you might fall and it hurts. So, dream but don't feel comfortable reaching the endpoint"

this is my second time falling
shattered apart, pieces everywhere

when I was 16
breaking is pain
but I have ayah umi to put myself together again

but for now
I'd only myself

arwah Ki once said,
"Bila terbang tinggi jangan lupa rumput di bawah"

takde kena mengena pun
but his wise words keep playing in my mind

maybe I fall
just so I remember Him

cause I dont want to lose Him

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